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Happy Anniversary to kiohl  &  atschuetz !!!

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ervan  and I went to the Redwood City Farmer's market on Saturday to visit the honey man. We bought a huge bottle of our favorite honey (we bought last year from him as well) - his sage honey and two smaller bottles of his orange and wild flower honey.

of course, with this new wealth of honey, I was eager to use it in some recipes... so I baked up some Buttermilk honey wheat bread. see recipe here.

as per the comments in the reviews on that forum, I added 1 extra cup of whole wheat flour.
The bread was sweetish and dense. I liked it. This first loaf didn't rise all the way in the amount of time it said to bake (plus ervan was in a hurry to leave, so I got it out of the oven as fast as I could). So I would probably leave my loaf in for another 5 minutes next time.

I also need to by some bread flour. I currently used the recipe's proposed all-purposed flour, but I hear bread flour has a lot more protein, and will help the dough rise better.

Next time, I may double the honey required as well to make it sweeter.

Overall, I liked the loaf, and plan to make it again with better flour and a little more wisdom :)

here are a couple more recipes that scored well for honey wheat bread that I may try:

Honey Wheat Bread 2 :

   reviews suggest doubling honey on this recipe

Honey Wheat Bread I (county fair winning recipe)
   reviews suggest doubling yeast amt and honey amt

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I made some yummy snickerdoodle cookies on Saturday (just seemed like a good day to bake, although it was already quite warmish, and I made the house hotter).

Anyways, this recipe was tasted and approved of by ervan , fuwang , kiohl , and atschuetz .... plus it was requested by kiohl
recipe followsCollapse )

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My lunch today is a salad with organic cherry tomatoes, large chunks of feta cheese, kalamata olives, boiled eggs, pecan pralines, and red wine vinagrette

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We finally made it out to Heidi's Pies in San Mateo (1941 S. El Camino Real) after visiting the Penninsula humane society. There was much discussion as to what kind of pie to get...  We were deciding between the Blueberry Sour Cream (which I personally craved) and the Lemon Meringue. We got the Lemon Meringue pie. The Meringue was so light and fluffy! YUM!

Poll #317217 mmm... pies!

Which pie would you choose

Lemon Meringue
Blueberry Sour Cream
Key Lime

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Want some good tortilla soup?

e and I made this recipe last month, and I've been dying to post it here. it's really really tasty.

I would skip the corn starch though.

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blah. fully gave up on south beach diet yesterday. it was making me miserable. i can't go w/o carbs and fruit for two weeks. i'm lame like that i guess.

had a really tasty dinner though!

a curried mustard chicken
(1TB EV olive oil, 2 TB grainy mustard, some curry powder, pepper, some other spices i can't remember whisked together...
marinated chicken thighs (boneless skinless) for around 30 min, then broiled them for ~15 min flipping once check for nice golden browness before flipping)

curried couscous
made couscous, added dressing (whisked equal parts 1/4 c yogurt and 1/4 c ev olive oil together with pepper, kosher salt, curry powder, tumeric), fluffed everything together with a fork, then added chopped red onion (half), chopped carrot, dried cranberries, and fresh apple mint leaves (from my overgrown apple mint plant) chiffonade (i.e., sliced in that chiffinade way)

ratatouille... general ratatoiulle recipe

herb biscuits *see recipe below*

fresh blueberries with vanilla pudding and freshly whipped cream with mint chiffonade....

good-bye south beach diet!

biscuit recipeCollapse )

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tried it for the first time tonight (with some amazing pork chops I might add!)

It is the most interesting thing I've had in a long while. After you steam it, you use a fork to get out the insides, and it just comes out in spagetti like strands.

e and I feel like it's an amazing replacement for real spagetti. It's a little cruchier in texture, but amazing. Definitely something that will go in my repetoire of food from now on.

tried it with romano cheese and lots of ground pepper mixed in (ala Rachel Ray)

try it if you haven't!

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I made a trifle  for paul and adam's party the other day. it was tasty. I've never had a trifle before. I only remembered that Rachel from Friends had made one incorrectly with beef and  cream and fruit.

I got the recipe from Ina on Barefoot Contessa see recipe

I didn't make the orange pound cake due to lack of time, so I used one bought from the store.

Highly reccommend this dessert.


I also tried the new Bonsai restaurant that opened up on El Camino near my house last Friday. Hmm...

not that tasty
the staff was very confused and forgot much of our order

not recommended

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