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eating my way through life one bite at a time
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lolo [userpic]
what did you do with your leftover turkey?

I took half of the leftover turkey my parents sent us away with and made turkey curry with bell peppers, potatoes, egg, and onion. I served it with purplely forbidden rice.



i was browsing your blogspot page and i noticed these vintage japanese bead earrings. i like them! do you sell them online? where did you buy the beads? it's really pretty.


actually I'm putting up a website this weekend, I'm just adding a bit more inventory. Unfortunately the vintage japanese beads you saw are made into stitch markers for knitting.

I do however have two more of them, and I could make you a set of earrings if you like. They would be $6 + shipping or pickup.

Let me know if you would like them, and I'll make some for you.

I purchased the beads 2 years ago from a seller on www.justbeads.com
I searched again, but the closest I found on auction are these red ones: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=4643&item=4949893168&rd=1

hey..yeah i guess i didn't check back on your page for the comment you left for me. the blue ones are so pretty. do you still have a pair of them for earrings? i can pay you in person since i live in the southbay area. shoot me an email @ jazz xine at yahoo . com (ignore the spaces) to see when we can meet up. :)

Michael's Coupons

Hi there

You had asked where I get Michael's coupons... I get them in the Sunday paper - OR they just started coming in some of the junk mail that I get weekly! However they will take coupons of their competitors - JoAnn's and Craftmart here.... so usually I just use theirs!


Re: Michael's Coupons

thanks! I didn't realize they take competitors coupons, I'll have to try that!

Here's wishing you a fantastic 2008 with plenty of good eatin'