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Sichuan Delight

Over the weekend we all at twice (in the same day!) from the new Chinese restaurant near us in Redwood City. It's called Sichuan Delight, and it's located in the Target shopping center (2525 El Camino Real, Redwood City 94061).

OMG! It's soooo tasty! The woman there was super nice as well, and she was extra excited that Emi could speak Chinese with her.

It actually has quite nice interior, which I would never have guessed from driving by. And the food was excellent and spicy (although I'm sure it can be adjusted to your tastes, we probably had ours spicier than they might normally make because emi could assure the waitress that we could take it).

some dishes I recommend:

Spicy Sichuan Cold Noodles (LOVED IT)

Hot Noodles w/Spicy Peanut Sauce (also good, but I like the one above better)

Chong Qing Style Spicy Chicken (the owner's friends apparently always get this dish with shrimp when they dine there. If you've ever been to SPICES! in the city, it's a lot like one of their dishes -- the one that comes in a big basket of chilis, but not as dry)

Wax Gourd and Pork Soup (very yummy)

they also made us this smoked pork dish with leeks that wasn't on the menu, but was quite excellent. I'm sure if you asked for it you could get it.

For dessert they gave us complimentary homemade pumpkin mochi filled with red bean


everyone should go here. It's definitely one of the best Chinese restaurants in Redwood City and its nearest areas.

Oh, and did I mention that they have FREE DELIVERY! Finally, a GOOD Chinese restaurant with delivery!

ok, sorry for all the hype, but I just really loved this restaurant, and I want to get the word out since it's new.


i saw some interesting posts from you about the bay area (FOOD and knitting!) so i added you as my friend to read!

:) thanks! added you back. If you are interested in my knitting posts, most of my non-food blogging is on my blogger feed. you can friend lori_blogspot to get my other posts :)

Mother has been told. ;) We haven't gone there yet, though.

Yay for free delivery. :) Does it say how far they deliver to?

ah, they deliver to the redwood city are only. yay for spreading the word!


You've come across a number of communities I am a part of, and if you don't mind I've added you as a friend!

My name is Delia, also living in the Bay Area. Food, Knitting... two things right up my ally.

Wow. I checked out your knitting blog, I totally remember your post about that hat and BART and weird european guys! The funny thing is we seem to be knitting quite a few of the same things. I also have the stuff for Kyoto as my new project (I even got the yarn already yay!). I have a lionbrand landscapes hat that I just finished.

Awesome. I added you back, err both your blogs. If you want to stay on top of my knitting/crafting/ other stuff you should friend lori_blogspot

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ah yes, the BART and the creepy Europeans... always an adventure when I go into SF.

By the way, how do you syndicate your other blog like that? I keep track of most of my knitting stuff @ wineandneedles.blogspot.com. I have the LJ account from awhile ago, and only post randomly every now and then...

are you down on the penninsula? I'm in redwood city :)

the instructions for creating a syndicated lj account are here http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=137

and the blogger feed stuff is here http://help.blogger.com/bin/topic.py?topic=36

blogger uses Atom to syndicate accounts. I think you just need to go into your template and say publish site feed. it should give you the feed url which you plug into the syndication creator on lj (see above link). The only hitch is that syndicated accounts must be created by paid members. I am no longer a paid member otherwise I'd do it for you, but if you aren't one, I'm sure you can find someone to create the syndicated feed.

let me know if you need any more help.

I am in San Jose, but am moving to San Francisco in July for Law School. I Moved here when I graduated from UCSB in 2002.

I don't have a paid account, so I will see what I can do. Thanks for the advice!

ooh I have a friend who's a first year at Hastings... err, that is the law school in SF right? :)

Yes, Hastings is one of the schools I am looking at... either that or USF.

For some reason I can't comment on your other journal... I was going to point out that I just realized you went to Stanford (ye old Stanford arm warmers). Does this mean you'll be at the Big game? I'll be there... but in the Blue ;).

hm i just checked. There is something wrong with the comment code. I'll look into it. Thanks for telling me. I had no idea.

I will not be at big game. I graduated this past spring, and football was never a big thing for me. Have fun though!

Oh sure, good chinese in RWC after I MOVE AWAY

i think it's murphy's law. the only thing i can think is, "thanks for moving so i could get a tasty chinese restaurant" :P