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eating my way through life one bite at a time
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lolo [userpic]
umm... i'm so gonna make this cake for my brother

Found off of Chocolate & Zucchini blog via Wendyknits!:

"This recipe is very easy to make, no need for a food processor. Like all dark chocolate cakes, it is better if made the day before (or at least in the morning if served for dinner). Pre-heat your oven at 200°C (400°F). Line an 8 inch cake pan with parchment paper. If using a non-stick pan, you can just cut out a circle to line the bottom.

Melt 200g of butter with 200g of good quality dark chocolate. If melting in the microwave, be sure to do it slowly, blending with a spoon between each pass. Add 250g of sugar, and let cool a little. Then add 5 eggs one by one, mixing well with a spoon after each. Finally, add a rounded tablespoon of flour and mix well. Pour the dough in the pan, and resist the urge to just dive head first into the pool.

Bake for 25 minutes. The recipe says the very center can still be a little trembling but mine wasn't. Let the cake cool down a bit, then turn out on a rack to cool completely. Wrap tightly in plastic wrap, refrigerate, and take it out about an hour prior to serving the next day.

This cake is absolutely gorgeous, and it was suitably wolfed down by my appreciative co-workers. It has a nice crumbly crust, while the inside is 100% melty gooey chocolate goodness. Needless to say, it is pretty rich (I mean, did you look at the ingredients? :), so it is best served with something refreshing : ideally, Marie-Laure and Ludo's delicious fruit salad, but your own fruit salad, fresh strawberries, ice cream and/or whipped cream would be great too. Enjoy!"

only a tablespoon of flour! wow. but it looks damn tasty, and sounds damn tasty, i gotta make me a tasteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!