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lolo [userpic]
carnitas fried rice

We bought some carnitas to have on Saturday, but we had extra... hmm... what to have on monday?

It's basically your normal fried rice made with carnitas, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, cilantro, and hot sauce! tasty!
You'd love it, and it's fuson approved.


Sounds pretty tasty... except for that cilantro crap :)

I'm drooling over the wok. I miss having all my pots.

Oh yeah, the food looks ok too.


Where did you get your wok? Mine sucks and I'm looking to buy a new one.

hehe, I have a cheap-o wok. I got it from Ross. I LOVE it though. It functions very well. I believe I have enjoyed every dish that has come out of it. And it's fun to make tempura in as well.

It's carbon steel, as most woks should be (I have a cast iron one that gets absolutely no use). If I didn't have this one, I'd probably go to the Chinese restaurant supply store in Milpitas. I remember that they had a ton of different sized ones.

I might also look for one with a handles that will stay cool (evan's biggest complaint about ours).

hope that helps!