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Sticky Strawberry Ice Cream

Now that I finally have a fridge/freezer large enough to house all my food + freeze the bowl for my ice cream maker, I have been itching to make ice cream. The first ice cream I made was cinnamon vanilla chocolate chip. It's actually quite cinnamony since I heated a cinnamon stick in with the cream and eggs when i was making the mixture. I like it quite alot, but I wonder why I don't see more commercial cinnamon ice cream?

Next batch of ice cream I decided to make was strawberry since I have a huge bag of frozen strawberries for my smoothie making habits. Being rather inexperienced with my ice cream maker, I realized that ice cream does expand quite a bit while it's freezing, but I didn't really know how to gauge how much was too much mixture for the machine. Suffice it to say, much sweet strawberry ice cream streamed out of the machine and onto my counter. More disturbingly, much of the sweet pink fluid streamed INTO the ice cream machine. I'm not even sure how that happened. I only realized this happened as I turned the machine around to clean up the outside, I found that melted strawberry ice cream would flow out of a different orafice in the machine.
Of course, not wanting to ditch the machine after only 2 uses, I decided to take it apart to clean out. Man! Strawberry goo was everywhere inside it. It had actually cooked onto some of the wire coils that run the motor. I got most of the goop up. I haven't tested to see if it works again, because I'm waiting for it to dry out a bit.

speaking of the ice cream machine, I went back to Amazon to check the reviews on my machine (I now think my freezer may not be cold enough). People either hate or love the machine, and they are quick to diss one another's reviews.
see reviews here

one review quote:

"Those people giving this product a low rating are being hypercritical, or, like the guy who gave himself 5 stars for not buying it, complete morons."


Did you follow the strawberry ice cream recipe from the manual? I generally try to use those recipes (or some variation of them) so that I get the right amount of liquid into the machine.

nope, i pretty much used some of my own ratios. next time i'll stay the course of the manual