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lolo [userpic]
Alton Brown

is the man! It was awesome seeing him in person at the Stanford Shopping Center last weekend. We lost a whole day of moving just for him!

He started the day off showing the audience how to make beef jerky in a brine and using a box fan and air filters. As usual, he was super funny and quirky.

Things we learned:
1. Alton also has a Ford F150, but he carries around over 100 bungee cords in the back, he has leather seats and the large towing package.

2. W is a chiropractor in Atlanta who hates Alton (i doubt the last part)

3. Alton's hair is even funnier in person. It's sparser but sticks up in funny ways. It has a lot of character.

4. Alton is a super friendly and nice celebrity. When meeting you, he makes sure to ask you your name and talk with you at least a little bit in the 30 sec he has with you.

5. Alton uses Macs over PCs

6. Alton's favorite thing to cook is anything that can be smoked.

7. He's still funny when he mocks Emeril... BAM!

links to other blogs or references to alton from that appearance:

one with pictures of the beef jerky demonstration

an animated recreation of alton at the demonstration

more pics of alton. alton does eat bunnies, but wouldn't eat their bunnies.

more alton pics with fans

Quote from http://www.blurty.com/users/pinkball/:
" Of course, I would really like to meet Tyler Florence but Alton Brown will do too (He's the very quirky host of Good Eats)"


Darling, you're just adorable.